May 18, 2021

Happy birth days: Mothers praise Waterford’s pregnancy service

University Hospital Waterford (UHW) has been given a clean bill of health by women who gave birth there.

In a detailed survey, 81% of the women said their experience of UHW was good or very good. This was slightly lower than the national average of 85% but still reflected a high level of satisfaction with the service provided.

The National Maternity Experience Survey asked about the hospital’s services under a number of categories.

UHW scored best for “specialised care” in the neonatal unit and “care during labour and birth”. The highest level of dissatisfaction in the “care during labour and birth” category related to the involvement of women in decisions about care and the management of pain during labour and birth.

The lowest scoring categories at UHW were for “care after the birth” and “feeding” but they were still close to the national average.

In the “care after the birth” category, the lowest-scoring question related to ‘debriefing’ and the opportunity for women to ask questions about their labour and birth after the baby was born.

On “feeding”, the lowest-scoring question related to support and encouragement provided to women with feeding their baby at home.

Some 56% of the women who gave birth at UHW rated the experience as ‘very good’, 25% said it was ‘good’ and 19% rated it ‘fair to poor’.

The South/South West Hospital Group welcomed the findings of this first National Maternity Experience Survey. It noted that 85% of participants had either a good or a very good experience of maternity care in Ireland.

Most women who took part said that they were treated with respect and dignity, and had confidence and trust in staff.

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