September 28, 2021

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Three pups found dead after being dumped on side of Waterford road

A Waterford woman who spends her time caring for and rehabilitating animals who have had tough lives made a grizzly discovery just metres from her home.

Hazel McCarthy and her neighbour discovered three dead week-old pups in a plastic bag at the side of the road. The person who dumped them oddly left a babygro in the bag with the pups.

The helpless pups perished just metres from Hazel’s home and business, Woofers boarding and grooming kennels in Ballygunnermore, county Waterford, about five kilometres from the city.

“Yesterday morning I was leaving my horses out,” Hazel told, “when a neighbour approached me to say that there was a plastic bag opened with three dead puppies in it.

“I went up and removed the puppies from where they were. The fact that I have the kennels here, why couldn’t someone drop at my gate.

“I brought the puppies up to my vet this morning to dispose of them properly as it is illegal to bury animals in Ireland.

“He thought, the same as me, the animals were about a week old and he reckoned of the lurcher breed – bigger than a whippet but smaller than a greyhound he thought.”

Hazel, who herself fosters animals and helps home rescued dogs and horses, said her vet was visibly upset about the whole situation.

“He was disgusted by it but couldn’t confirm how they died, he said they could have been drowned but probably they died of the cold and exposure.”

“This kind of thing seems to be a regular occurrence nowadays. The vet told me that a lady went to confront a man on Fiddown bridge recently who had a plastic bag in his hand. She tried to grab it but he threw it over the side of the bridge.

“The tide was out at the time so some people around there went out and recovered the bag from the river and there were 13 live puppies in it.

“Another man handed into the vet three pups less than a week old still alive that he found down around here while out walking in the woods.

“He was really angry and frustrated this morning over it, but he is seeing it every day. He said ‘surely to God whoever dumped the pups know I (Hazel) is out here. Could they not have buzzed your gate a least.”

The gardai have been made aware of the incident and are looking into it.









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