November 29, 2020
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Golden oldies: the Waterford cars with 10 or more owners

There are more old cars on the roads of Waterford than in most of our neighbouring counties.

The county has 649 cars with ten owners or more. The figure for Kilkenny is 464, for Carlow it is 370.  Tipperary, at 654, has a similar figure to Waterford.

Across the 26 counties there are 17,166 vehicles that have had 10 or more owners – 3,598 of these are in Dublin and 1,883 in Cork.

The figures are from a company that specialises in tracking vehicle histories. It found that the majority of vehicles in Ireland are on their first, second or third owner.

The average age of a vehicle in the Irish fleet (all vehicle types) is  8.60 years and the average number of owners is 2.54 owners per vehicle.

The vehicle that has changed hands most  is a Honda Civic registered in County Carlow. It has had 43 owners.

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