October 18, 2021

Gardai warn Waterford cars at risk of keyless theft

Gardai are advising Waterford motorists with keyless cars to store their fobs well away from doors and windows and far from their parked car.

The advice comes following a rise in so-called ‘signal-jamming’ incidents lately on car’s smart keys across the country.

The tech-clever thieves are using what are known as ‘electronic relay boxes’ which can boost a signal between a key-fob, the box and the car allowing entry and the signal to start to car.

These boxes can be bought by criminals online for anything between €200 and €300.

A local garda spokesperson said: “The best place to store the smart-keys is in a holder called a Faraday wallet, which has a metal shield within the lining and blocks the electromagnetic signal getting to the key. It’s very effective.

“We just ask everyone to be careful with their smart keys and don’t leave them close to the front door.”

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