July 26, 2021

Gardai taking reports of several inappropriate approaches to children and women in Tramore ‘very seriously’

Gardai have confirmed they are taking “very seriously” reports of a number incidents of inappropriate and suspicious approaches in the Tramore area recently.

In the latest incident yesterday afternoon, a group of children up to 60 from a local primary school were approached by a man while they were in the centre of Tramore on an educational trip. The approach was made despite the fact the students were accompanied by up to 15 teachers and adults.

By the time the adults became aware of the incident, the man had returned to his car, which is said to be silver or grey coloured, and fled.

Gardai were on the scene in minutes and investigations are continuing.

This followed two recent incidents in the county Waterford town: one involving an alleged approach made to a teenage boy on the Tramore to Waterford bus earlier in this week and another involving two teenage girls last week.

Gardai in Tramore are also investigating two other incidents of inappropriate approaches to females in the town. One of these occurred before Christmas when a male in a silver or grey car approached pulled up beside a woman walking on the Prom. Another woman was approached on the beach while she was walking with her children.

A local Garda spokesperson told WaterfordNow.ie “We are investigating the recent reports of suspicious activity that have occurred in Tramore. We are taking these reports seriously and have a team of detectives and gardai investigating.”

Local Sinn Féin Councillor Jim Griffin added: “We don’t want to be creating a fear factor here. Tramore is a safe town, there is CCTV around the town and the reaction of the gardai has been excellent in this case. They will get to the bottom of this very fast.”

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