September 27, 2021

‘Get in the f**king car’ – gardai investigate terrifying threat to woman in Tramore

Gardaí are investigating an alleged attempted abduction case in county Waterford.

The incident occurred in Tramore at around 9.30am yesterday when a woman was out walking on the Promenade.

The woman claimed a stranger in a car pulled up beside her and tried to convince her to get into the vehicle. When she refused, the woman claims he became aggressive and told her to “get into the f**king car”.

“At 9.30am a man in a grey 07 car pulled in and asked me if I needed a lift. I refused,” the woman said on social media.

“He then offered to drive me to the Sandhills, as he was going there for a walk. I told him I was fine. He then told me to ‘get in the f*cking car’ and I roared ‘no!’ He drove off.”

Gardai in Tramore confirmed they are investigating the incident.

A Garda source told “We are progressing investigations to see what did occur. We are currently looking over CCTV of the area around that time and we are talking to witnesses.

“We ask anyone who may have been around the Prom in Tramore around 9.30am on Thursday to come forward if they feel they have information that could help our inquiry.”

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