June 18, 2021

Gardai hunt for gang stealing engine parts from parked cars in Waterford

The hunt is on for a gang in Waterford stealing a specific car engine part which is sought after as it contains rare metals.

Over the last number of weeks, numerous cars have been targeted by the gang who are taking catalytic converters off of cars while they are parked up.

In the most recent thefts, a number of Toyota Yaris have been targeted around the Summerhill and Dominic’s Place area of Waterford City.

There have been numerous reports over the last two months of converters being robbed in the city, while a spat of thefts occurred in county Kilkenny recently also.

The gangs target the converters as they are easily removed and contain metals such as Rhodium, which is a rare and valuable metal, as well as a good amount of copper, nickel, iron, manganese and cerium.

Anyone with information or who may have seen anyone acting suspiciously around cars in the city lately is asked to contact Waterford Gardai on 051 305 300.

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