July 26, 2021

Gang of thugs gag and tie up elderly Waterford lady (78) with her own laces before raiding house

A terrified 78-year-old woman was tied up and gagged by a gang of masked thugs who broke into and robbed her home in county Waterford.

The horrific incident happened last Monday night when the woman was in her home in Kilrush, just outside Dungarvan

Shortly after 6pm, as the lady who lives alone was watching the news, she heard noises at the back door of her house. When she went out to investigate, she was confronted by two or three masked men who had broken through the back door.

The men then lunged at the elderly lady who struggled with the men. The men then pinned the lady to the ground and removed the laces from her shoes which they then used to tie her hands behind her back.

As the lady cried for help, the men then stuck a dishcloth in her mouth to stop her from screaming. One man then pressed the women to the ground while the others raided the house in search of cash and jewels.

The gang of thugs found cash and fled. Before they fled they pulled the cloth from the woman’s mouth as she was struggling for breath and then left.

The woman amazingly managed to locate a scissors and used them to cut the laces. She then rang her family who raised the alarm.

The elderly lady has been left deeply shaken and traumatised by the particularly nasty burglary but luckily escaped serious physical injury.

A local Garda source told WaterfordNow.ie: “We believe the gang fled the scene in the car due to the location of the house, but have no details of it.

“We are appealing for anyone who may have been in the Kilrush area at that time, or who may have been driving in the area and has a dashcam, or if people saw even the slightest unusual thing, to contact the gardai in Dungarvan.”

If anyone has information they can contact Dungarvan Garda Station on 058 48600.

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