June 15, 2021

First steps on path to safer suburb in Tramore

Work is underway to improve facilities for pedestrians in a suburb of Tramore.

People in the Pickardstown area are forced to walk across open greens or take detours to get into town because there are no footpaths.

Now a start has been made on providing footpaths, improving street lighting and introducing traffic calming measures.

“More work needs to be done but the €35,000 in extra Government money has allowed us to finally begin resolving these  issues,” said local Fianna Fáil councillor Eamon Quinlan.

“The main roundabout and surrounding area at the entrance to the town is extremely busy, especially in the summer months with thousands of motorists each day using the area. As such, pedestrians were up against it, especially as there are so many young families in the area meaning a lot of kids moving back and forth in perilous conditions.

“Our engineers visited the site some months ago now and met with local residents and a plan of action was put in place. This is the first step in a series of measures that will be pursued to calm traffic speeds, increase sight lines and finally close out the last gaps in our footpath infrastructure.”

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