December 4, 2020
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Fertility clinic helping Waterford couples expands services after surge in demand

A local fertility clinic widely used by Waterford couples looking for a helping hand in becoming pregnant is expanding its services after it recorded a 75% increase in demand for its resources.

Sims IVF, based in the Canta Clinic in Carlow, says an increase in demand for nurse-led services at its clinic means the company will be expanding its operations in the region from two to five days a week.

The service expansion will see patient capacity at the clinic increase by 150% and will cut back on the need for couples to travel to Dublin up to twice a week for clinics.

The Carlow clinic offers blood and scan services for those undergoing fertility treatments in the Dublin centre and serves those undergoing treatment in counties Wexford, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, and Waterford.

Sims IVF Group Clinic Director Damien O’Dowd said: “With the clinic operating on a five day basis, we will be able to accommodate more patients in the region, with scans and tests in their locality while avoiding frequent travel to our Dublin clinic.

“We have seen increased interest in the Carlow clinic this year from patients and we responded by expanding the service to better serve our patients. The increased service in Carlow will open the door to convenient treatment options for Sims IVF patients outside of the Dublin region,” Mr O’Dowd added.


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