May 9, 2021

Father and daughter rescued from Comeragh Mountains after getting lost in fog

A father and daughter who had gone for a walk in the Comeragh Mountains had to call for help after finding themselves in difficulty late yesterday evening.

The pair were close to the Mahon Falls at the time and got caught out by a rapidly falling fog and the darkness descending around the scenic waterfall.

South Eastern Mountain Rescue Association (SEMRA) received a request from AGS (Association of Garda Superintendents) Waterford at 4.20 pm to assist the father and daughter who were caught on the difficult terrain

SEMRA dispatched a full search team immediately, which included rescue dog Ziggy and the team vehicles.

The search team was divided into three smaller groups and the pair were located a short while later. The man and his daughter walked off the mountain escorted by SEMRA members and made their way back to the car park at around 7pm.

A member of SEMRA said the pair were “a bit cold and tired but safe and well.”




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