April 14, 2021
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Falling in love with Waterford’s Greenway: Calls for copycat schemes in North’s six counties

The director of a Northern Irish lobby group looking to create more sustainable transport systems has called on politicians there to travel to Waterford’s Greenway to see what can be achieved.

Caroline Bloomfield, the Director of Sustrans Northern Ireland has been holidaying in county Waterford this week, and it is fair to say she has become enthralled by Waterford’s Greenway.

Ms Bloomfield was amazed by the amount of people using the Greenway, the facilities all along the route, the Ballyvoyle Tunnel, the cafés, the rest spots, and the scenery.

The lobbyist feels the Waterford Greenway is something that should be replicated in Northern Ireland. Commenting on her journey over the past couple of days, Ms Bloomfield was quick to lavish praise on the county Waterford Tourism initiative on her twitter account.

“Build it and they will come,” Ms Bloomfield said.

“Business and tourism is booming on the Waterford Greenway! So much potential for similar greenways in Northern Ireland.

“Every councillor in N. Ireland should visit the Waterford Greenway to see the massive tourism potential. On a murky Monday, we saw hundreds of cyclists and walkers and the cafes on the greenway were buzzing. Dungarvan is full of people who have come specially for the greenway.

“The Waterford Greenway is amazing,” Ms Bloomfield added.

Sustrans work to ensure local authorities deliver policies and projects that enable more people to walk, cycle and use public transport all across the UK.


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