August 4, 2021

‘Every day I was living in the wrong person’ – Waterford man tells of transgender journey

“Every day I was living in the wrong person.”

Those are the words of a Waterford man who has spoken of his transition from female to male in a new radio documentary.

During the 25-minute interview on Beat 102 103, transgender Cody Sweeney (pictured above with Shonagh Lyons) revealed how the loving support of his family has helped him got him through his journey so far.

Cody and his parents spoke to award-winning producer and presenter Shonagh Lyons for her documentary ‘Born this Way’.

“I felt like I knew when I was seven or eight,” Cody says.

“But I didn’t know how to say it because I didn’t know there was any word for it. I didn’t know it existed.”

Speaking openly, Cody told about how he revealed it to his family, their reaction and about the stigma attached to being transgender.

Last month, Shonagh won bronze at the National Radio Awards for her previous documentary ‘So much more than the Baby Blues’.

She says this latest project of hers shines a spotlight on another sensitive topic that needs to be talked more about and adds that “this is a really educational piece of radio content.

“We all live in a more diverse community and Cody and his family have really prompted me to think differently about the world & the people around me and I hope everyone who listens to it, finds it worthwhile and informative.”

Cody’s full interview can be heard on

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