September 17, 2021

ELECTION 2020: Waterford TD says FF will pay ‘transition’ pension to people over 65

Waterford TD Mary Butler has claimed Fianna Fáil will pay a ‘State Pension Transition’ to ensure people aged 65 and over do not have to sign on the dole.

Deputy Butler (pictured below) also hit out at election rivals Fine Gael, who she accused of doing “nothing to prepare or inform the public of the planned changes in the State Pension age” despite having been in government for almost a decade.

The Waterford TD said: “The government knew there was an issue but did nothing to tackle it. Fine Gael’s complete mismanagement of this issue has led to a lot of confusion and anxiety among people who are due to retire over the coming years.  People are now genuinely concerned that they will have to sign on the dole to bridge the gap between retiring from their job and being eligible for the State pension.”

She added: “Fianna Fáil will ensure that that does not happen.  We recognise that it is inherently unfair for people who have worked all of their lives to then be forced to sign on the dole.

“We will reinstate a State Pension Transition payment which will be paid to people aged 65 and over who are not yet entitled to a State Pension. We will also defer the increase in the State pension age to 67 until a comprehensive review of this issue is completed.”

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