June 18, 2021

ELECTION 2020: ‘Waterford has been neglected’ – Mayor says ‘status quo’ must change

Waterford has been “neglected” and it’s time for a change in government, Labour’s election candidate John Pratt has said.

With just days before the country goes to the polls, the Mayor of Waterford appealed to voters “to consider real change”.

Cllr Pratt said the four seat Waterford constituency will elect at least two new TDs to the next Dáil, and he urged voters to give him the chance to be one of these.

“The status quo is not working. This country is in crisis and Waterford has been neglected more than most by the mainstream parties. They’re hoping you haven’t noticed or that you’ll give them another chance! But they are out of ideas, out of touch, and out of time,” Cllr Pratt (pictured below on the campaign trail in Dungarvan) said.

“We can’t afford any more of their failed policies. Older people are suffering on hospital trolleys. 24/7 cardiac care still hasn’t been delivered. Families are struggling to pay for housing and childcare. Waterford is still waiting for a University. We need change.”

Making his pitch to voters, Cllr Pratt added: “As an experienced Councillor and Mayor, I help people overcome problems every day. I am in politics to change people’s lives for the better. I help people on a daily basis with their housing, health and education needs.

“I have supported numerous groups to secure funding for projects and have delivered infrastructural upgrades in local towns and villages. With this proven track record, I hope now to deliver at a national level.”

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