October 18, 2021

Early risers in Waterford spot giant fireball streaking across the frosty sky

A giant fireball was seen streaking over Waterford’s frosty sky early this morning.

Some early unconfirmed reports are saying it was a meteorite, with others claiming it landed in county Carlow.

At 5.20am this morning the flashing fireball was seen by those up early for work, or those out for an early morning run. The huge fireball illuminated the frosty and foggy sky as it shot over.

A spokesperson for Astronomy Ireland confirmed the sighting, but they are now seeking the public’s help for more information about the sighting.

“Another fireball this morning over Ireland, about 5.20am. Did any of you see it?”

Fireballs occur when tiny meteor enter and then burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere. The last reported meteor to land in Carlow was found in Leighlinbridge in 1999.

Meteorites can be quite valuable. Depending on the composition of the materials in the meteorite and its size, they can fetch anywhere between 5c per gramme to €10 per gramme.

This Friday, November 21, the most intense Meteor Shower seen in a decade will be visible from Ireland. The Alpha Monocerotid shower could produce up to 400 meteors an hour.

More details to follow.

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