October 26, 2020
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Debenhams Waterford staff ready to block removal of stock as protesters picket Dáil

Debenhams workers who lost their job in March are taking their protest over their treatment to the gates of the Dáil this morning.

And the protesting staff say they are prepared to be arrested in an effort to secure a deserved redundancy package from the British retailer.

Ninety staff lost their jobs at the City Square Store in Waterford when it was announced at the start of April the retail giant would not be reopening after the coronavirus crisis passes.

Now unions representing staff say they are willing to blockade the company’s 11 stores in Ireland to prevent €20 million in stock from being removed, stock that could be used to pay the staff.

Representatives of Mandate the Union say the staff are willing to go ahead with the blockades, risking arrest, in an effort to get their severance packages and prevent the company from burdening the redundancy on the Irish taxpayer.

The protest begins outside the Dáil on Dublin’s Kildare St at 11.30am this morning.



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