April 19, 2021

Dad of acid attack boy plans High Court challenge against decision not to prosecute

The father of one of the teenage victims of the acid attack in Waterford may challenge the decision in the High Court to issue just a caution to two of the perpetrators.

There has widespread condemnation of the Garda Youth Diversion Programme (GYDP), which is lead by a Garda Superintendent, after it decided against prosecuting two of the attackers, one of whom is believed to have sprayed the acid.

Oisin Killilea was badly scarred in the attack and it is believed that his father Martin is now considering taking legal action if the GYDP does reverse its decision.

Three boys were attacked last April by four youths using drain-cleaning fluid, a baseball bat, a golf club and a chain.

According the today’s Sunday Times, the three boys and their families will meet with the GYDP director in Waterford in the coming days to hear the reason for his decision and to express their dissatisfaction.

Pádraig Sullivan needed skin grafts after he received suffered severe burns to his legs while Tega Agberhiere, whose pictures were widely circulated, suffered burns to his face.

“In order for the lad who threw the acid to benefit from the juvenile diversion programme, shouldn’t he have had to admit responsibility, make an apology, go through mediation, somehow make good to the victims?” Mr Killilea asked.

“None of that has happened and it is too late now for an apology. This process is broken. I need to find out if the report from the Gardai in Waterford was robust and, if it was, how did a superintendent in an office up in Dublin make this decision without a by-your-leave to us.”


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