January 26, 2021
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Council rejects plans for new car park at Waterford industrial estate

Plans to build a new cark park to cater for workers at a Waterford industrial estate has been knocked back due to the planned location and for safety reasons.

Monaco Developments (Tramore) Ltd made an application to Waterford City and County Council to construct 31 car parking spaces off the estate road at the Western Extension in the IDA Industrial Estate on the Cork Road.

As part of the plans, the developers were looking to build the car park on a site that is currently under a grass bank.

On examining the application, council planners felt there were safety issues concerning the site if permission was granted.

The council said: “Concerns were expressed in relation to the location of the car park spaces which may lead to cars reversing onto the estate road and the proximity of the cars to the junction to the east of the site.

“It is considered the development would endanger public safety by reason of traffic hazard due to the proximity of the proposed car park to the road junction.

“Adequate provision has not been provided for pedestrian movements from car parking spaces to the industrial units on site.”

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