May 18, 2021
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Clean getaway: Waterford group clean up coast in an effort to bring more tourism

A group of civic-minded Déise folk took to the coast this weekend to clean up some of Waterford’s most beautiful beaches.

The group the Guardians of the Copper Coast were on a rubbish pick at Kilmurrin Cove, Stage Cove and Bunmahon over the weekend, and were duly helped in their endeavours by Waterford City and County Council.

The thinking behind the big pick it to see the area become part of a litter pilot scheme called ‘Leave No Trace’ – an outdoor educational programme which aims to minimise the environmental and social impacts in these areas. The pick is also an attempt to extend this prosperous tourism season.

A post on Facebook of the pick, said: “Congratulations to everyone that took part in our litter pick today.

“Thanks a million to Waterford Council and Alan Weldon for servicing the public bins along the Copper Coast as well today.

“Great to see and speak with so many visitors along the coast today about our endeavours. We believe that having public bins all year round is a vital public service on The Copper Coast as we try to extend our season through sustainable tourism.

“If the area was chosen as a pilot scheme to implement a ‘Leave No Trace’ policy it would require public engagement, buy in from the community organisations on the ground and an environmental campaign to highlight an alternative,” the post concluded.


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