September 17, 2021

LATEST: Horse put to sleep after sulky collided with four cars in Waterford city

Gardai in Waterford are investigating an incident involving a sulky and several cars in the city earlier today.

The sulky is understood to have struck four vehicles, some of which were parked, on the Ballytruckle Road shortly before noon.

Noone was injured in the incident. The horse (pictured below) was taken into care by Waterford Animal Welfare. It was initially thought the horse was not badly injured, but sadly it later had to be put to sleep.

Waterford Animal Welfare said on Facebook this evening: “Another sad day for Waterford Animal Welfare. This morning we were called to an incident involving a horse and cars at Poleberry. Thankfully no one was injured. The horse, however, was a different matter.

“We assisted the Gardai in removing the mare to safety and to the attention of a vet. Following examination, very serious injuries to her front shoulder were found. The extent of the injury is classed as unviable for recovery by the vets and humane euthanasia was recommended. Thank you to all involved especially Ali Pierce and Claire and Ronan Knox for keeping the mare safe until we arrived.”

Gardai are investigating the incident but no arrests have been made so far.

The incident comes amid growing calls for sulky racing to be banned from our roads.

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  1. It’s utterly disgraceful that the government has not yet had the guts to stop this idiocy and cruelty. Sulky racing should be banned for good! I bet none of the horses are chipped and registered, and most of them have never seen a vet either. Love their horses? My foot !

  2. I cant understand why this is not banned yet. The amount of horses killed is horrific. Its wreckless and dangerous for the public.

  3. These Silkies shouldn’t be allowed to go on main rd’s. Let alone use them as show pieces they have feelings as well. It Should be Banned Completly I’m animal lover, & it’s imorally wrong, how would they like to pull. Such on a busy highways.

  4. Heidi haenschke says:

    How is this legal !?? So profoundly wrong to allow these poor horses to be raced on hard pavement in traffic. There should be immediate fines and seizure of horses

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