May 18, 2021

BREAKING: Boy A given life sentence for murder of Ana Kriegel

Boy A has been sentenced to life in detention while Boy B has been given 15 years for killing Ana Kriégel in May 2018.

The two teenage were found guilty in June of the 14-year-old schoolgirl’s murder.

Boy A’s life sentence will be reviewed in 12 years while Boy B will have his reviewed after eight years.

The boys were 13 years old when they killed Ana in a derelict house in Lucan, while Boy A was also found guilty of sexually assaulting her.

He was sentenced to a further eight years for the sexual assault which will run concurrently with his life sentence.

Both are now 15 years old.

Mr Justice Paul McDermott told the court that this was a murder of the most serious, disturbing and shocking type.

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