July 26, 2021
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A lot of bottle: Waterford councillor pleads with recycling company to empty swamped bins

A Waterford Councillor has criticised a recycling company for allowing one of their bring centres become overrun with recyclable cans and bottles, calling the area “dangerous and unhygienic”.

Tramore’s Councillor Joe Conway was referring to the astonishing scene at the bring centre in the Tesco’s Carpark in Tramore at 8.30pm yesterday evening, where the recyclables had become so large in number it was impossible to get into the recycling bins.

The cans and bottles had accumulated at the bring centre as a result of returns from over the bank holiday weekend, and Cllr Conway fears the uncollected discarded containers could lead to health issues. He has called the owners of the recycling bins to sort out the situation with immediate effect.

Cllr Conway said: “I really cannot fathom how an organisation like yours that champions good recycling habits allows a Bring Centre to present like this.  It is as unacceptable as it is dangerous and unhygienic.

Please…can it be attended to, without delay?” he concluded.

Has anyone else in Waterford noticed their recycling bring banks overflowing or in a unfit condition? Send WaterfordNow.ie photos or comments about your experiences on our Facebook or Twitter pages, or in the comment section below.

WaterfordNow.ie can confirm the bottles and cans had been cleared earlier this afternoon.


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