August 4, 2021
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Waterford’s Kim wins top award for academic excellence

A Waterford CPA student has received a top award for academic excellence from the renowned accountancy body.

Kym Wall from Waterford City was recognised for her accomplishment as the top performer in the Formation 2 paper on Information Systems.

“In conjunction with our sponsors, CPA Ireland each year presents an award to those students who have achieved the highest examination mark in each subject for the CPA examinations,” Gearóid O’Driscoll, President of CPA Ireland, said .

“Congratulations Kym and to all the 2019 prize-winners who come from diverse roles in both practice and industry and thank you to all our partner firms involved in this event.”

Mr O’Driscoll also challenged young accountants to show leadership in the fight against climate change. O’Driscoll said “The scale of the climate crisis is now widely understood, but too few businesses and individuals are examining how society can combat this.

“Every business in Ireland from the largest multinational to a fledgling start-up will avail of the advice of qualified accountants. As a profession, we have a responsibility to help businesses measure their climate impact and lead businesses to transition to a low carbon economy.”

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