October 18, 2021
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Waterford services rewired as council undergoes digital transformation

The local authority is harnessing the power of new digital mapping software to improve the delivery of local government and public services to over 116,000 people across the city and county.

Waterford City and County Council has joined forces with Esri Ireland to digitally transform the council by moving it away from many paper-based processes.

The technology is being rolled out across many areas of the council to help it manage the wide range of services it delivers. These include housing, planning, finance, property management, roads, environment and customer service.

Esri’s digital mapping platform integrates with Waterford Council’s systems, transforming the way it manages numerous functions, such as housing and planning applications.

Employees in the planning department have used the digital mapping platform to make faster and more informed decisions on 4,400 planning applications to date – based on easy access to accurate and complete information covering the entire county.

The mapping platform also helps Waterford citizens to have a more active role in their social housing application. Applicants for choice based lettings can now view the location of properties they are interested in, as well as nearby amenities, all from online.

Waterford Council’s environment team have used the technology to complete more than 1,250 litter quantity and pollution surveys, removing unnecessary administration and the duplication of data to achieve an 80% time-saving.

The local authority is also creating a number of publicly accessible interactive maps to make local information readily available and boost tourism in the region. Last year, approximately 790,000 overseas and domestic tourists visited Waterford, contributing more than €160 million to the local economy.

The maps developed by Waterford Council showcase attractions and upcoming events throughout the county, helping to attract more tourists to the area. One such series of maps explores the 46-kilometre Waterford Greenway.  Visitors can use the map on or offline to easily view car parks, bike hire shops, toilet facilities and highlights along the route, as well as viewing the local weather forecast.

Waterford City and County Council CEO Michael Walsh (pictured below) with members of the Ersi Ireland team) said: “Waterford City and County Council is a local authority with responsibility for delivering local government and services to local businesses, citizens and visitors to Waterford. Esri’s GIS system has become a really important tool for us in terms of the effectiveness, the speed and hopefully the quality of decision-making within the council.”


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