September 17, 2021
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Waterford agency reports ‘staggering’ drop in permanent jobs

The Covid crisis has taken a heavy toll on permanent employment. As the country moves to tighter restrictions, a survey has revealed that availability of permanent jobs has fallen by 40%  in Waterford.

The survey was conducted by Matrix Recruitment, an employment agency based in Waterford. It describes the drop recorded in the first six months of this year as “staggering”.

Matrix reports a similar figure from its offices in Dublin, Carlow and Athlone. Overall, it has found that the jobs market has fallen by 33% since the pandemic hit, when directly compared with 2019 data.

The company is seeing a gradual but definite increase in temporary and contract positions and believes this is a trend set to continue in Waterford for the foreseeable future.

Kieran McKeown, CEO of Matrix Recruitment, said many companies had short-term requirements.

“They are necessary to help steer the business in a new direction it might be taking, or to simply get their business back up and running after the impact of the pandemic,” he explained. “While it is very concerning that there is a huge drop in permanent roles, we do see a gradual but steady increase in temporary and contract positions, and those roles can offer a candidate a lot of benefits and appeal that permanent posts wouldn’t.”

Unsurprisingly, there has also been an increased interest in remote working. “A lot of people want a different way of working now,” said Mr McKeown .

He said contract roles had always been prominent in the IT, pharma, finance and engineering sectors. But this trend is now spreading to other industries with an increase in contract work in the public sector, banking, food, healthcare and manufacturing.


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