October 29, 2020
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Street work comes back – but a Waterford councillor is not happy

Public works in Tramore are due to resume next Monday, May 18 – but not everyone is happy with the comeback.

“There had been some concerns locally that the timing of the restart would have a negative impact on any opening up of commercial and tourist activity in the summer months,” said Cllr Joe Conway.

He said there had been an abysmal Easter and spring period and “now the town is faced with major disruptive works right in the town centre during the height of the tourist season. It just seems like we cannot catch a break in Tramore.”

Cllr  Conway said the chief executive of Waterford City and County Council, Michael Walsh, had told him that to postpone the work would have major contractual implications.

“But we are being told from varying quarters that – as a possible relaxing of the trading regimen beckons later on into the summer – street-trading and gardens are likely to become the new norm for the hospitality sector,” he said.

“It is hard to see how this could work well to any extent in a Tramore town centre that is replete with bulldozers and pneumatic drills.”



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