April 19, 2021
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SPONSORED: Build your dream career and enjoy a healthy work-life balance with WestTech Technologies

WestTech Technologies – one of the most innovative and fastest growing IT companies in Ireland – is looking for talented new staff to join its expanding team.

WestTech is offering fantastic, and extremely flexible, career opportunities to IT specialist and sales professionals to cover all of Ireland as its significantly expands its customer base over the coming months.

The company, which is headquartered in Dublin but covers every corner of the country, is seeking freelance IT network security specialists with technical support experience.

They are also looking to hire exceptional results-orientated sales professionals across the country, particularly in the Cork, Galway and Donegal areas, with experience in the IT sector.

The pandemic has restricted employment opportunities and work practices, but WestTech’s innovative approach provides a perfect platform for talented IT professionals who can work remotely. However, successful applicants must also be flexible in terms of travel arrangements and have their own car.

WestTech founder and CEO Kenneth Scally (pictured below) says: “Remote working has taken on huge importance for many businesses since the outbreak of Covid-19. WestTech Technologies understand remote working and the benefits and challenges that come with working remotely and with managing a remote team.”

“The majority of our staff work from home – and not just because of the pandemic: we believe it’s important to support a proper work-life balance for our employees.”

Prior to setting up WestTech, Kenneth was an award-winning sales professional in global tech and he has a huge affection for the industry.

“Culture means everything to us in our business – we are all about doing good and doing well,” he says.

WestTech are looking to hire contract and freelance staff with a view to making the positions permanent in future. If you are interested in pursuing exciting career possibilities with WestTech, please email a copy of your CV to: sales@westtech.ie. Salaries and commission depend on experience.

*WestTech Technologies is hosting a special Webinar on Disaster Recovery on August 12 to cater for the growing number of companies seeking the serivce. For more details, visit: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/115030800220

For more information, contact WestTech’s Dublin office on 01 437 8306.


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