May 9, 2021
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Slump in permanent jobs as contracts dominate Waterford employment market

There has been a huge drop in the number of permanent jobs available in Waterford city and county, balanced by an increase in part-time work and contract employment.

The figures are reported by a Waterford-based recruitment company which attributes the change to uncertainty caused by the Covid crisis.

Permanent jobs are down 61% compared to this time last year and there has been a drop of 21% since August, according to Matrix Recruitment.

It says that in Waterford jobs available under contract have now overtaken available  permanent jobs and it advises job-seekers to give more consideration to contract and part-time work.

“This time last year, contracting was not being considered by the majority of job seekers we were seeing at Matrix Recruitment,” explained the company’s  managing director, Kieran McKeown.

“Fast forward to 2020 and there has been a complete U-turn. Not only has the pandemic changed the way we interview and recruit new candidates, it has also led to a complete upheaval in the make-up of the jobs sector.

“This time last year our books were full of permanent roles. Now, we have far fewer permanent roles to fill and a rapidly increasing number of temporary and contract positions. We also have a very high number of skilled candidates looking for jobs, many of whom are faced with the frustration of there being so few permanent posts available.”

The recruitment company also reports a change in promotion prospects ast work.

An increase in working from home means people are likely to be stuck longer on the lower rungs of the promotion ladder. They are having to work harder just to get noticed, Matrtix reports.

Promotions have been stalled in general for many organisations  but there are other ways companies can reward the efforts of staff, advises Kieran McKeown.

“Now is the time for company owners to get a bit more creative when it comes to looking after staff,” he said. “For most companies, good staff are their most valuable asset and it’s important to look at ways to continue to inspire them and maintain a positive working environment.”


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