July 26, 2021
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Many remote workers in Waterford can now access quality broadband for first time

Many remote workers in Waterford are being offered the chance to connect to high-quality broadband for the first time following the launch of a new service with average minimum speeds of 20mbps virtually anywhere in the county.

Broadband Anywhere from Magnet Networks is a new mobile technology product which will enable businesses and people working remotely and struggling with basic or no broadband connection to significantly upgrade their connectivity.

Testing carried out at Tramore,  Lismore, Portlaw and Woodstown resulted in guaranteed minimum speeds of 20mbps download and 20mbps upload while most were averaging between 40mbps – 60mbps.

“If you are within a few kilometres of a mobile phone network we will be able to deliver quality broadband to your business,” said Magnet Networks Marketing Director Louise McKeown.

“We are using 4G to bring the signal from the end of the fibre to the consumer, covering the distance with a quality signal that existing copper services are unable to carry.”

Operating on a separate IoT platform, using 4G LTE technology, Broadband Anywhere is not subject to contention and bridges the distance between the fibre exchange and the consumer – commonly known as the last mile.

With a simple plug and play installation, and no waiting time on deliveries, customers can be up and running 24 hours after their initial enquiry. Broadband Anywhere’s portability allows it to be used in the area of optimum signal. It can also be connected to two devices via Ethernet to maximise speed.

Broadband Anywhere can be set up instantly by the consumer, and its portability allows it to be used in the area of optimum signal. It can also be connected to two devices via Ethernet to maximise speed.

“Our recent testing achieved average minimum speeds of 20mbps at 91 random locations nationwide, and we have customers who are now getting 25mbps upload and download in a two-bar 3G area,” said Ms McKeown.

“Even if a business is in an area which receives only 3G, we can still deliver average speeds of 20 mbps.”

For business owners working remotely who are struggling with slow speeds, Broadband Anywhere can be taken back into the main premises if they return to office working and used as a back-up solution for continuity or as the main connectivity source.

“The recent REA Average House Price Survey showed that broadband quality is now top of people’s priority lists as they explore working from home on a more permanent basis,” said Ms McKeown.

“We are confident that Broadband Anywhere can considerably improve on the best non-fibre broadband options currently available to businesses around the country.

“The product will not only deliver for rural businesses in 98% of the country, but also provides a low-cost high-capacity back-up service to businesses which have good broadband but need continuity of supply.”

Broadband Anywhere is being sold on capacity rather than speed, and users will not suffer contention on their lines. The basic package will start at €59 for 100gb, rising to €88 for 600gb. The self-install unit has a €49 activation fee.

Shane Doran

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