January 18, 2021
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Innovative Waterford hospital pioneers new work-link for nurses

Nurses at a Waterford hospital have pioneered a communications system which has been adopted by more than 40 other hospitals around the world.

The cloud-based system uses video conferencing and live presentations to keep  everyone up to date on changing guidelines, policies and procedures.

This easy sharing of information is helpful when nurses are deployed to an area where they do not normally work, or even to another hospital. It has proved valuable during the Covid-19 crisis when such transfers have become more frequent.

Whitfield hospital in Waterford was the first of more than 40 UPMC hospitals worldwide to schedule nurses using this Teams Shift application. In Ireland it is now also being used in Carlow, Kildare and Cork.

“This technology has been essential as we adapted to the realities of Covid-19, when rapid communication and the seamless sharing of information are critical,” said Gwen Daniels, chief nursing officer for  UPMC in Ireland.

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