August 8, 2022
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CLIMATE CHANGE: Government failing to support householders’ efforts to save energy: Waterford councillor

The Government’s failure to provide “micro-generation” electricity to Waterford householders and small businesses is holding back progresss and “flies in the face of commitments” on climate change, a Waterford councillor has said.

Micro-generation is the small scale generation of electricity, which Sinn Féin’s Conor D. McGuinness said is “fast becoming a substantial part of the energy mix of development countries around the world”.

Councillor McGuinness said: “Micro-generation allows for sustainable and renewable energy to be generated for local use, and without that imposition of immense, unwelcome and potentially harmful infrastructure. Many homeowners have already installed solar panels and small wind turbines, which over result in savings on energy costs. However it can take a decade or more to realise the financial payback, and upfront costs are prohibitive for most householders and businesses.”

However, the Dungarvan-based councillor (pictured below) said that, unlike most European countries, there is no capacity in Ireland for micro-generators to sell electricity to the grid.

He added: “If householders or small businesses were paid for their excess electricity it would help offset the set up costs and make investment a more enticing prospect.

“The Government are dragging their heals when it comes to the change in policy required to make this a reality. Until small scale producers can get a return for their excess electricity the potential for micro-generation will remain unrealised, and our dependence on fossil fuels for energy will remain stubbornly high.”

Shane Doran

Shane Doran is founder and Co-Managing Editor of News Now Media, incorporating, and He is a former newspaper editor who has held senior executive roles across five national newspaper titles, both broadsheet and tabloid. He was News Editor and Executive Editor of the Irish Independent for more than seven years and spent a number of years in South Africa where he worked as editor of The Daily Voice newspaper. Shane has held senior editorial position with The Sunday Independent, The Herald and The Irish Daily Star and has served as Executive Editor (Group) of Independent News & Media (INM), Ireland’s largest newspaper group.

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